I want this company to be the go-to for welding repair and fabrication in the city of Norman. Initially I intend to only offer mobile welding, mainly repair, but light fabrication. Down the line my goal is to have a shop and a truck large enough to offer heavy fabrication, with the capabilities to transport and install heavy products. I want my shop to be a place where people can take custom work, or have their idea designed and fabricated in house. I intend to become proficient at welding odd-ball metals and in C.A.D. to assist customers and become more efficient designing, and educated on the capabilities of the products my shop puts out. My mission statement is to “satisfy all the welding, fabrication, and equipment repair needs of Norman, with my versatile skillset and my “I can do it, or else I’ll learn how” attitude”. Quality and assurance of functionality will be my guiding principles.